BROHUG releases ‘Mixtape 3’ with all new track ‘Stealth’Press Pic BROHUG

BROHUG releases ‘Mixtape 3’ with all new track ‘Stealth’

BROHUG boys are back with a special gift for fans in the form of a four-track bass heavy EP, “Mixtape 3.” Full of the bass-heavy house vibes the Swedish trio is known for, this package includes the previously released hits “Breach,” “Charge,” and “Escape,” in addition to a brand new production — “Stealth.” The freshly cut track delivers deep, driving bass and tech accents that bump and grind with a vengeance. Heavily filtered and house forward with an industrial touch, “Stealth” is anything but discreet. It’s a bombastic, in your face, club cut that’s more of an all out assault than an under-the-radar house production that rounds out BROHUG’s entire bass-first package.