BRONSON deliver far-reaching, 10-track eponymous album [Stream]Eesph2mYAA3JZD

BRONSON deliver far-reaching, 10-track eponymous album [Stream]

No one outside of those involved could have anticipated ODESZA and Golden Features‘ blindsiding tweet in April, casually noting the existence of a completed collaborative project. In the three-months since, the trifecta, formally tabbed as BRONSON, steadily built up their side project’s self-titled album with four rousing singles and coinciding video components. While BRONSON’s original introduction seems only days old, ODESZA and Golden Features’ crowning moment has officially arrived with the complete release of their alias’ maiden LP.

Joining previous deliveries, “HEART ATTACK,” “VAULTS,” “DAWN,”and most recently, “KEEP MOVING,” six additional BRONSON entries tag along on the LP, abiding by ODESZA and Golden Features’ production thematics of “perseverance without struggle.” With all tracks seamlessly transitioning into one another, BRONSON maintains a balanced pool of lighter additions, including “FOUNDATION” and “BLINE,” as well as its fair share of heavy-hitters beyond “KEEP MOVING” to boot, such as “TENSE” and “CONTACT.” With vocal backing from lau.ra, Gallant, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs along the way, ODESZA and Golden Features see through a promising first chapter of BRONSON as they now hold on for the inevitable break to play it out in person.

Featured image: Gian Galang

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