Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook, and Mike Dean get ‘Together’ [Stream]Carnage

Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook, and Mike Dean get ‘Together’ [Stream]

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, Carnage has surprised all with something unexpected: a house collaboration with The Martinez Brothers, featuring Elderbrook and Mike Dean. The party of four’s unforeseen electronic cooperation has translated to “Together,” a mid-tempo cut that contemplatively dips into dance melancholy. Somber piano chords set a tone that shifts just slightly when the constructive centerpiece of the single—the shuffling beat—kicks in, adding vigor.

Although a track that positions Carnage’s name alongside The Martinez Brothers’ might seem something out of left field, Steven and Chris Martinez stated that this “meeting of different musical worlds” is in fact the culmination of “years of hanging out” and “talking about” a joint project. It’s here, and hails from Carnage’s forthcoming LP, Papi Gordo II. The sequel to 2015’s Papi Gordo, to be released via Ultra Records, represents a sonic homecoming of sorts for Carnage, who kickstarted his career at the label in 2015 with the launch of Papi Gordo.

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