Dr. Fresch, LO’99 prescribe ‘Ravewerk’Dr Fresch E1597717903802

Dr. Fresch, LO’99 prescribe ‘Ravewerk’

Dr. Fresch is spiking temperatures with “Ravewerk,” a four-on-the-floor beat-wielder that solicits production assistance from Australia’s own LO’99. The ’90s aesthetic-borrowing house anthem is a punchy little vortex of old-school sound that stands apart from the pop-house wave that’s been surging through modern house circles of late.

Rinsed with another decade’s sonics, “Ravewerk” deploys percussion and rolling bass lines with presence. Talkbox samples, digitized fills, and ear-attracting stabs add a layer of boldness as Dr. Fresh and LO’99 uniformly catch would-be club-goers’ attention. The first cooperative from Dr. Fresh and LO’99, “Ravewerk” is out now via Insomniac Records—and it’s just what the Dr. ordered.

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