GG Magree – Nervous Habits feat. Joey FlemingPress Pic GG Magree 1 C Lucas MK

GG Magree – Nervous Habits feat. Joey Fleming

Everyone has that one love that they can’t break away from… ‘Nervous Habits’ is a story about mine.” – GG Magree

Australian songwriter/singer/producer GG Magree teams up with Joey Fleming on “Nervous Habits.” Magree’s sonic ambition is on full display, as she duets tight hooks over her own melodic dubstep instrumentation. Although she’s made a name for herself through her raucous, no bullshit bass music, “Nervous Habits” is a showcase of Magree’s more vulnerable side.

Both GG and Joey flex their singing chops on the single, balancing honeyed sentiments with angst-ridden verses that pop off like a conversation between two star-crossed lovers. A deep synth bass lurks beneath the vocals, and drops into an intense breakdown that epitomizes the turmoil of the failing relationship. Together Magree and Fleming fuse raw emotion, breathtaking vocals, and bone-shaking bass to create a powerful debut on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak imprint.

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