Glastonbury might not return until 2022, says founderGlastonbury Photo Credit John Hines E1596645024497

Glastonbury might not return until 2022, says founder

Michael Eavis, founder of the infamous Glastonbury Festival, is unsure of the UK event’s 2021 fate, but has a newfound confidence that the iconic festival will survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with ITV conducted the week of August 3, Eavis addressed how restrictions on event capacity and other related limitations would affect how Glastonbury could operate for future iterations, but remained hopeful that the current impediments are just that—impediments, not permanent obstructions. Eavis said,

“I’m still hoping to be running [Glastonbury] next year and I’m going to be moving heaven and earth to make sure that we do, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen. That is just wishful thinking really.”

Although this isn’t the news that fans were hoping for, Eavis also noted his earnest belief that the festival will persist despite current hardships, a shift from July’s chilling statement that Glastonbury might not make it through 2021. He added,

“I do not worry at all, I am so confident that it will survive. The only certainty I think is the year after, 2022, to be perfectly candid. We might have to wait two-years [to host the event].”

The cancellation of Glastonbury’s 50th Anniversary was a blow to would-be attendees from around the globe, but by hunkering down and following country, state, and county provisions, fans will be able to scratch that summer festival itch in no time.

Featured image: James Hines

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