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Habstrakt unleashes hammering remix of DJ Snake’s ‘Trust Nobody’

Habstrakt throws gasoline on a fire in a riot-fueling remix of DJ Snake‘s “Trust Nobody” that just might make any other take sound like child’s play. The revamp arrives as part of Habby’s August 11 promise to fans: “you’re getting tons of cool music this month.”

The first illustration of the fresh material to come is a mosh pit-inciting flip with a fiery bass house framework. Shrill touches of dubstep enter at the breaks, giving the song’s sirens something high-octane to scream about. The ominous, slight arch of the opening chords and the bass house grit apparent in the hammering breakdowns are distinctly Habstrakt, as one of electronic’s hardest forces re-enters the release ring and lights it on fire.

Featured image: Matt Cary

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