KSHMR teases genre-crossing new side project, DREAMZKSHMR Press Shot

KSHMR teases genre-crossing new side project, DREAMZ

KSHMR has launched a new creative outlet for the express purpose of creating a space where a different side to his sound could exist—enter the newly minted DREAMZ project. The new alter ego promises to be a stylistic departure for the Dharma Worldwide figurehead, as teased in a short animated clip shared on social media. While details on the “Neverland” producer’s latest endeavor remain scarce, the DREAMZ project is set for an August 7 debut, and will likely feature a strong visual component inferred by the recently posted teaser.

KSHMR’s production in 2020 has slowed somewhat, though the recent Brooks-assisted “Voices” has been one of this summer’s notable standouts. The stall likely comes in conjunction with the impending launch of DREAMZ, though currently not much is known about the volume of work currently stocked up under the DREAMZ banner. The new project is an evident opportunity for the former Cataracs proponent to creatively stretch his legs, and as summer winds down, we’re likely in for a trove of new material that reflects a new side of KSHMR’s sound.

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