Lane 8’s This Never Happened shares fifth ‘Roots to Branch’ EPPauke Schaumburg 1

Lane 8’s This Never Happened shares fifth ‘Roots to Branch’ EP

Building on an incredibly hot year for Lane 8‘s imprint, omnipresent melodic house label, This Never Happened, is back with the fifth installation in the Root to Branch series. Root to Branch‘s goal is to shine a light on the rising talent at This Never Happened through a short compilation featuring production from a handful of the imprint’s artists.

South African producer, Polar Inc., opens the compilation with “Regal” and “Pastel,” a pair of chilled-out tunes centered around highly emotive chord patterns that are overlaid with expressive synths to carry the tracks’ melodies. Up next, Helsloot turns up the energy a bit while maintaining the signature energy that This Never Happened is known for. “Never Leave” stays on the calmer side, while “Getaway” allows a compelling riff to take center stage and ramp up the intensity. Pauke Schaumburg then supplies his meditative “Havellove” before closing the EP with his collaboration with Mark Deutsche, “White Mountain North,” a track which feels like an homage to nature’s raw power.

Overall, Root to Branch, Vol. 5 isn’t only a well-deserved platform for three stellar producers, but also a testament to the quality and roster depth that This Never Happened boasts. Stream the EP below.

Featured image: Pauke Schaumburg/Facebook

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