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Madeon officially shares long-awaited ‘Good Faith’ extra, ‘The Prince’

Good Faith may have been issued in full this past November, but Madeon’s sophomore album still has plenty more to offer than its initial track list. While a majority of scrapped album cuts seldom see the light of day, Madeon awed Secret Sky streamers when he placed a leftover from his Good Faith production sessions into his set for Porter Robinson’s digital event back in May. After taking to Twitter to propose the idea of its release, where a reprehensible four percent of people objected, Madeon is officially annexing the 11th piece, “The Prince,” to his already momentous LP.

With the anniversary of Good Faith Live‘s grand unveiling at Lollapalooza passing the one-year mark at the top of August, it seemed well-timed for Madeon to honor the onset of his sophomore campaign with something special. A masterpiece in its own right that employs another measure of the French icon’s picture-perfect vocals, “The Prince” is a “darker prologue” than the album’s original counterparts, explaining why Madeon ultimately made the call to pocket it for another point in time. The question as to whether Good Faith will receive another addition is not a when, but an if, as Madeon alluded in a Reddit AMA that “Love You Back,” a Good Faith Live-only track, would inevitably receive the green light as well.

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