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Malaa supplies proper house makeover for DJ Snake’s ‘Trust Nobody’

Picking back up right where they left off at the end of July with their surprise “Best Of Both Worlds” back-to-back digital stream, DJ Snake and Malaa are issuing just one of the head-turning performance’s previously unidentified inclusions. While the Pardon My French allies have yet to exclusively pair up apart from the “Made In France” team cut, DJ Snake is recruiting his masked comrade once again for an update of “Trust Nobody,” which comes one full calendar turn after Malaa’s “Enzo” spin.

After DJ Snake tapped another fellow Frenchman, Habstrakt, for a separate remix assignment just one week prior, Malaa is now stepping in to provide the dubstep-bred single with a much-desired club account. Comparatively darker than his renewal of REZZ and Grabbitz’sSomeone Else” earlier this summer, Malaa’s take sees him bring out his textbook temper as he assists his Parisian ally, easing the original’s pace and priming a layer of bass house excellence. With additional yet to be released productions tied to the duo’s co-hosted stream, Malaa and DJ Snake assuredly have further unfinished business to tend to as the free-for-all that is 2020 ensues.

Featured image: Miko Goncalves

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