MK sues management company for $3.5 million over ‘legally improper’ contractMk Press Shot E1593791809319

MK sues management company for $3.5 million over ‘legally improper’ contract

Mark Kinchen, known better as MK, continues his 2020 hot streak of captivating releases, but a recent lawsuit against his management signifies trouble in paradise for the venerated American selector.

The lawsuit alleges that Kinchen’s manager Mark Davenport, co-founder of MDM Artists strong-handed and rushed the artist into “signing a wholly one-sided, unconscionable management agreement.” A detailing of the terms within the contract notes that it locks MK into representation with MDM Artists for the entirety of a decade, which if true, violates California law limiting personal service contracts to seven years. Further, the lawsuit also alleges that the contract entitled MDM Artists to a cut of MK’s profits and earnings even after the contract is terminated. A statement released by MK’s attorney, Matt Rosengart, asserts that,

“…while making false promises and concealing material facts from MK in violation of their fundamental fiduciary duties to him, which were witnessed by a third party, [MDM Artists] improperly tried to lock him into a decade or longer agreement at excessive rates and with oppressive terms, with potential lifetime implications for MK, which was intolerable and for myriad reasons, legally improper.”

In addition to seeking a total compensation of $3.5 million from Davenport and MDM Artists, Kinchen insists on an official declaration that the contract is unenforceable and in turn, void.

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