Musa, Gilletary take listeners to ‘Wonderland’Press Pic 3

Musa, Gilletary take listeners to ‘Wonderland’

At the tri-part intersection of future bass, bedroom pop, and indie-electronic sits Musa, and “Wonderland” sees Gilletary crouch down alongside the Brooklyn-based producer to craft a transportive single. Punctuated with striking arpeggios, twinkling synth arps, and 808s, “Wonderland” maintains a dreamy, gravelly texture that embodies the intentional distortion of Musa’s electronic artistry. Standout in its sound, “Wonderland” deviates from the familiar sound constructions that have pervaded dance circles of late, allowing Musa and Gilletary to take novel control of the release ring.

Notably, “Wonderland,” positions Musa’s own low-octave vocals at the final break, a sonic accessory that allows him to “access a different side of [his] artistry that he’s yet to show.” Stream the novel one-off below.

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