New York state bans organized music events at barsBar Crowd

New York state bans organized music events at bars

New York bar-goers shouldn’t expect live music to be a regular component of their socially distanced evenings out, thanks to a new guideline that effectively halts organized live music events. The mandate, detailed on the State Liquor Authority website, prohibits “advertised and/or ticketed shows,” and only permits “incidental” live music events, maintaining that “music should be incidental to the dining experience and not the draw itself.”

Events that would require patrons to purchase tickets to see a given performance would be in violation of the new requirement, which also appears to extend to events that include a cover charge. Further, New York bars are not allowed to advertise live entertainment.

The new stipulation comes as a surprise to bar owners in New York, many of whom depend on live events to attract patrons. New York Upstate reports that several owners already began to schedule ticketed events prior to the introduction of the rule and will now be forced to cancel them. The measure is reportedly a part of New York state’s ongoing campaign to discourage groups of people from mingling, in an effort to minimize further spread of the novel coronavirus.

H/T: State Liquor Authority

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