Nicky Romero confirms positive COVID-19 testNicky Romero C Kevin Anthony Canales

Nicky Romero confirms positive COVID-19 test

Even though many countries are reporting lowering numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases and slowly returning to some semblance of “normal,” COVID-19 is still proving to be a fledging global issue. An unfortunate reminder that even countries with relatively low numbers are still not in the clear comes with news from Nicky Romero confirming he has tested positive for the virus. With a daily increase of approximately 650 cases in the Netherlands, Nicky Romero’s home is currently experiencing a small spike, though it pales in comparison to the United States’ nearly 55.5k daily new cases.

In an interview with Dutch news agency ANP, Romero told reporters,

“I feel fine. I don’t cough, I don’t sneeze. Last week I still wakeboarded and played sports… When I come to a country where it is very hot and there is a lot of air conditioning, I quickly get problems with my cavities. Now with that heat wave in the Netherlands, the air conditioners are also on maximum here. So I thought, ‘there we have it again.’ But my cheese sandwich tasted less good due to the problems with smelling and tasting, so I thought, ‘let me get tested anyway.'”

Romero has done a bit of traveling lately for small shows and video shoots, and even visited the Rogue League of Legends team in Berlin, Germany, but he emphasizes that even while traveling he continues to obey COVID-19 precautionary measures.

“My last show was in Bonn and I was in Berlin at the beginning of this week for a video shoot, but I might as well have caught it in the supermarket… You just don’t know. I have followed all the rules and always kept my distance.”

Though, fortunately, it appears that the star’s experience with COVID-19 has not been serious, fans across the world are pulling for Romero’s safe and speedy recovery nonetheless.

Featured image: Kevin Anthony Canales

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