Pillows provides contemporary rinse of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Real Love’Pillows Press Image Credit @controversenyc

Pillows provides contemporary rinse of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Real Love’

Ascendant ear-catcher Pillows has steadily charted her upward trajectory in 2020, and her continuous arch further peaks with her contemporary rinse of Mary J. Blige‘s “Real Love.” A mid-tempo, lounge-suited makeover of Blige’s fan favorite, Pillows’ spin on “Real Love” envelops streamers in soul.

Pillows’ take is not overly edit intensive, and that is part of its endearing quality. The veritable talent preserves the lyrics that Blige originally penned, but sonically reconstructs the song’s framework, opting for a house structure.

A testament to Pillows’ re-imaginative ear, “Real Love” is a seamless conversion of Blige’s R&B staple that maintains some of the genre’s inflection amid its deep house dips. For fans of Pillows’ house-washed mods, the natural next step in stocking the streaming queue is selecting June’s “Walkaway,” which offers an alternative take on Diplo and Sleepy Tom‘s “Be Right There,” a track that notably borrowed from Jade’s 1992 release, “Don’t Walk Away.”

The latest emblem of Pillows’ inexhaustible workflow, “Real Love is her seventh release of the calendar year to date. The single is out now via Parametric Records.

Featured image: @controversenyc

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