Porter Robinson uploads unreleased live edit of ‘Shepherdess’ to celebrate sixth anniversary of ‘Worlds’Porter Robinson 2016 Live Billboard 1548

Porter Robinson uploads unreleased live edit of ‘Shepherdess’ to celebrate sixth anniversary of ‘Worlds’

August 12 should be a worldwide holiday for Porter Robinson fans, and not without good reason. It’s the sixth anniversary of his project-defining album, Worlds, which established the North Carolina-based producer as one of electronic music’s most prolific figures.

While his sophomore album, Nurture, is still waiting to be released, Porter Robinson is celebrating his debut LP’s anniversary by releasing the infamous “(She Heals Everything)” live edit of his commercially-unreleased song, “Shepherdess,” first debuted at Electric Forest in 2016.

It is still unknown why Robinson never released the original record on all platforms, however, fans lucky enough to purchase the limited edition box set of Worlds can find “Shepherdess” on the B-side, on the same vinyl as “Lionhearted.” If fans haven’t heard the original, a quick YouTube search will populate third party uploads of the gritty complextro cut that, looking back at it now, fits more into Robinson’s first EP, Spitfire, in terms of sonics.

The “(She Heals Everything)” live edit is tailored more to the producer’s Worlds era as the edit first builds a frenetic array of synths before introducing an orchestral breakdown that is quickly taken over when a hellish drop unleashes screeching synths and pulverizing bass. For diehard Porter Robinson fans, this anniversary of Worlds has certainly been the best yet.

If this wasn’t enough, Robinson also took to Twitter to announce that another unreleased record from the World era, “Hollowheart,” will see the light of day on the album’s tenth anniversary. Naturally, August 12, 2024 can’t come soon enough.

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