Seanyy drops main stage-directed new single, ‘Memories’Seanyy

Seanyy drops main stage-directed new single, ‘Memories’

Seanyy‘s stock of festival-primed electronic ammunition further mounts with “Memories.” Released via Swerve Collective Creations, the “Be Like That” follow-up situates a soprano topline on a high-energy foundation that explodes at the breaks, harkening back to an earlier age in dance music where breaks with sonic TNT power were more widely implemented.

Touting raw, unharnessed power that would surely make the ground beneath one’s feel shake at a festival, “Memories” can be found rattling the windows and agitating the neighbors as listeners feel the impact of Seanyy’s latest from the comfort of their own homes. A formidable prelude to Seanyy’s debut EP, due later this year, “Memories” can be streamed below.

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