‘Show You’ is an invitation into Kasbo’s melodic headspace [Stream]Kasbo

‘Show You’ is an invitation into Kasbo’s melodic headspace [Stream]

Supple, rippling soundscapes are Kasbo’s sonic ace, but don’t let Dancing Astronaut tell you—the producer will “Show You” himself. The second in a series of pre-album singles, “Show You,” from Kasbo’s forthcoming sophomore albumThe Making of a Paracosm, sees the Swedish talent extend the preview of what is to come on the longform project with a nearly five-minute jaunt into his lush creative headspace.

On “Show You,” Kasbo subtly distorts the cut’s featured vocal and puts it to bed atop undulating chords. In characteristic Kasbo fashion, the one-off’s ebb and flow gently rocks before peaking in a dazzling overflow of melodic chords. Tempered yet possessive of an ear-commanding presence, “Show You” gracefully solicits listeners’ attention. “Show You,” released via Foreign Family and Counter (Ninja Tune), follows the LP’s lead single, July’s “Play Pretend.”

Featured image: Raelena Kniff

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