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Stream Alexandar Smash’s statement-making sophomore single, ‘Boof Pack’

Alexandar Smash streamers were right to expect a formidable follow-up to May’s “OMM,” and now, with Smash’s debut single three months in the rearview, that’s exactly what they’re getting. On “OMM,” produced alongside Jersey Club’s own DJ Sliink, TJ Mizell and SEB of Alexandar Smash evinced their ear for Latin-infused dance floor artillery. Now, the production pair is rebooting its sound on “Boof Pack,” a stomping number that demands that listeners put two feet on the floor and get to work—body work

Dropping a pin in bass house territory, in a step away from the Jersey Club lean of “OMM” that serves as a demonstration of their dynamism, Mizell and SEB construct a beat with a hard shimmy, laying down a forceful foundation. High-octane with the energy to match, the electronic arrangement is a raucous accompaniment to the vocal overlay that weaves in and out of “Boof Pack,” as Smash assert that they’re not only here to stay, but here to set the scene on fire.

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