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Watch ZHU’s Coral.PINK Lolla2020 performance in full

When the performative reigns rest in ZHU‘s hands, transfixion is sure to ensure. The storied producer, never one to disappoint when it comes to live mystique, was one of the main attractions of Lollapalooza‘s recent virtual replacement, Lolla2020. Those who tuned in wouldn’t find ZHU throwing down from his living room or another space in his home. In line with his highly-stylized live approach, ZHU gathered his saxophonist and guitarist and set up shop in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. In a desolate yet placid setting, the three-piece outfit played ZHU’s live Lolla2020 set, and now, the endeavor is available to relive or experience anew.

Dubbed “Coral.PINK,” the appearance features live instrumental renditions of several of ZHU’s staples, including his recent collaboration with Bob Moses, “Desire,” and the crowd-celebrated “Desert Woman,” of 2018’s RINGOS DESERT. Assuredly and unsurprisingly ambient, the performance can be streamed in full below.

Featured image: Joey Vitalari

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