Tom & Collins share first video on new imprint, Terms & Conditions [Q&A]TERMSCONDITIONS 11

Tom & Collins share first video on new imprint, Terms & Conditions [Q&A]

Mexican dance duo Tom & Collins have been on the rise for half a decade, but recently, the group has made a huge leap forward: launching their own imprint, Terms & Conditions. Naturally, Tom & Collins celebrated the news by releasing the label’s inaugural single, the soulful and spirited “Won’t Give Up.”

Now, after releasing their funky Afro house-inspired tune, “Hit The Drums,” the duo returns with its first Terms & Conditions music video. Accompanying “Won’t Give Up,” the visualizer explores the neon cityscape of Tokyo with a jolt of energy reflecting the track’s upbeat tone.

Dancing Astronaut caught up with Tom & Collins to chat about their new imprint, their latest track, and Latin American artists to watch out for.

Won’t Give Up” takes on a classic house style, but you manage to make it your own. What are the keys to tackling such an iconic style while keeping it relevant to modern sounds?

Tom & Collins: “We tried to have balanced elements throughout the track. The main piano and bass can have a distinct classic house vibe, while the drums and percussion follow a more personal vision of the track, with a vintage synth in the back.”

This is the first single on your new imprint, Terms & Conditions. First of all, congratulations! What does it mean to you to release this track on your very own imprint?  

Tom & Collins: “It’s a great feeling and something we’ve wanted for years. It really is a dream come true and we’re looking forward to releasing on and curating this label for many years to come.” 

What are your long term goals for Terms & Conditions?  

Tom & Collins: “To have a unique sound that is recognizable around the globe, to support other artists, and establish a trusted platform for quality house music.”

Talk me through the music video, how did you go about brainstorming visuals and how did you arrive at the end product?  

Tom & Collins: “On a recent trip to Asia, we fell in love with the aesthetics of Tokyo, so we were pretty locked in on how we wanted this to look.”

Mexico City is relatively unknown as a house music city, but you’re one of the groups helping it get on the map. Who else should fans be keeping their eyes on?  

Tom & Collins: “Latin America overall is making a big step. Cato Anaya, Robbie Rivera, and Pauza are three great examples of Latinos that have a unique sound and are changing the scene globally.” 

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