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UK government postpones plan to bring back live music events

The UK government has delayed its plans to resume live music events. In July, government officials announced that the ban on outdoor music events would cease, and followed this news with a declaration that, starting August 1, indoor performances would be allowed with the understanding that strict social distancing measures were to be followed. Theater events and wedding receptions of more than 30 people were also scheduled to resume on August 1.

In a press conference held on July 31, prime minister Boris Johnson stated that this next phase of reopening would be postponed to August 15, at which point the government would reevaluate the threat presented by COVID-19.

In a statement, Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty said,

“The idea that the UK can open up everything and keep the virus under control is clearly wrong.”

With the two-week delay of the August 1 event outline comes a new requirement set to go into effect on August 8 that will mandate mask-wearing in museums, movie theatres, art galleries, and other public spaces.

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