Watch Billie Eilish make her NPR Tiny Desk debutBillie Eilish 1

Watch Billie Eilish make her NPR Tiny Desk debut

Despite COVID-19, the show must go on—safely, of course. This was the ethos with which Billie Eilish approached her August 26 Tiny Desk debut, shot from her own home instead of the NPR studio. In characteristic Tiny Desk fashion, the live performance saw the Grammy-decorated vocalist shuffle through various staples, including her newest single, “My Future,” and 2019’s “Everything I Wanted.”

Given Eilish and Finneas‘ performance backdrop–a re-creation of the NPR studio office—it’s difficult to believe that the inaugural performance proceeded from Eilish’s home, and it’s also proof that the starlet and Finneas’ ingenuity is not the kind to be hampered. View the Tiny Desk outing, which follows Eilish’s recent live debut of “Everything I Wanted” at the Democratic National Convention, below.

Featured image: NPR

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