Watch the visual feature for Elohim’s trippy new single, ‘I’m Lost’Elohim Press

Watch the visual feature for Elohim’s trippy new single, ‘I’m Lost’

Elohim takes listeners and viewers to another dimension with the release of her latest single and the accompanying music video. The track, titled “I’m Lost” wears its name on its sleeveā€”it’s a spacey piece that’s easy to get…well, lost in. A subtle introduction featuring smooth and inviting vocals lures the listener in before the single takes a sharp and surprising turn. A chaotic collection of sounds and synths fuse together and fall into a trippy collection of groovy notes, landing as one of Elohim’s most ambitiously experimental works to date.

The music video gives the dynamic single an equally chaotic counterpart, complementing the listening experience for “I’m Lost” with a heavy dose of added visual appeal. Elohim speaks about the single in an official release, stating, “I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment. The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet.” Watch the new music video for Elohim’s latest below.

Featured image: Russell Tandy

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