ALPHA 9 and Spencer Brown link for two-track EP, ‘Ariel / Afterlife’Spencer Brown Alpha 9 Anjunabeats Facebook Official 1

ALPHA 9 and Spencer Brown link for two-track EP, ‘Ariel / Afterlife’

ALPHA 9 and Spencer Brown have reunited for a new two-track delivery, “Ariel / Afterlife.” Previously joining forces on “No Going Back,” which appeared on Brown’s debut studio album, Illusion of Perfection, the powerhouse duo makes its return to Anjunabeats with another dynamic show of collaborative synergy. Wielding calming energy with progressive structures, the Anjunabeats veteran and new wave luminary invigorate the auditory senses in their fresh execution of trance, progressive, and house.

Featuring a vortex-like mix-in and crystalline piano, “Ariel” plays upon an inspiriting melody as atmospheric layers of orchestral synths weave throughout meticulously-engineered drum tracks. The second track “Afterlife” introduces heavier-hitting beats and momentum early on, opting to build intensity at a steady pace. Balancing tranquility with dance floor mechanisms, both ALPHA 9 and Brown pour in their respective prowess in the latest package.

Featured image: Anjunabeats/Facebook

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