Baauer and Holly collaborate on ‘Just Enough’Baauer Credit Gaétan Clément Lyon Photographe

Baauer and Holly collaborate on ‘Just Enough’

Earlier this week, Baauer and Holly scored producer credits on “Post Up,” the comeback track from former 2NE1 member CL. “Post Up” is a gritty instrumental rap beat full of heavy bass and industrial elements which the self-proclaimed “baddest female Asian” flows over with effortless ease.

Now, the duo is back for a single with their talents on center stage. “Just Enough” has similar industrial elements as “Post Up,” but with a decisive emphasis on trap. Alternating between an undulating bass line and emotive breakdowns, “Just Enough” is more proof of both artist’s versatility and prowess.

This summer, Baauer released his sophomore LP PLANET’S MAD, by far his most creatively ambitious work to date. Holly’s upcoming project Dark Skies & Holy Grail is due out October, 2020.

Featured Image: Gaétan Clément – Lyon Photographe

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