Calvin Harris slams UK government for lack of music industry fundingCalvin Harris

Calvin Harris slams UK government for lack of music industry funding

When Calvin Harris speaks, people listen.

The superstar DJ took to social media to express his frustrations with the UK government, lambasting British officials for their treatment of the country’s troubled music industry throughout 2020.

Harris’ claim that the UK music industry contributes upwards of £5 billion pounds (approximately 6,450,650,000 USD) to Britain’s economy is staggering, but true. The 2019 report cited in the Scottish DJ’s post notes how a thriving music sector doesn’t only offer significant contributions to the country’s economy, but also enriches lives throughout the nation with nearly 200,000 jobs provided across the industry. The country recently reactivated concert venues, but social distancing limitations have prevented many locations from being able to open their doors.

Calvin Harris isn’t the only artist with this sentiment, with his post gaining support from the likes of Pete Tong and The Bloody Beetroots, however it’s yet to be seen if the mounting pressure will translate to any relief for the UK’s struggling music industry.

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