DJing is now recognized as a GCSE certification in the UKPioneer Dj Set Static Shot V1mcbvae F0000

DJing is now recognized as a GCSE certification in the UK

After recognizing CDJs as an instrument in for the music General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in 2016, the British have gone one step further by now formally recognizing DJing as a music qualification. FutureDJs along with the London College of Music Examiners advocated for the inclusion of CDJs in qualifications, publishing a syllabus that offered the certifications. Now that the UK has formally deemed DJing an accepted music qualification, exams taken on CDJs will be grade certified. This means that a certification in DJing is equivalent to certifications in classical and jazz instruments.

Adding the DJing certification is seen as a way to reinvigorate enthusiasm for the music GCSE, and the recent qualification updates are continuing to prove the legitimacy of DJing as a musical art form. The exam in DJing is set to be offered by the London College of Music Examiners from September 2020, and will be proctored by FutureDJ tutors.

Although the UK exam boards the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance; Oxford, Cambridge, and RSA Examinations, and Eduqas now recognize CDJs as a musical instrument, there is a gap that still needs to be bridged when it comes to demand for courses on CDJs and capable teachers able to lead this charge. FutureDJs has been instrumental in addressing these issues of supply and demand.

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