DROELOE offer up reprise of 2017 single with ‘Sunburn (Reimagined)’Droeloe Sunburn Remiagined Press E1600826310224

DROELOE offer up reprise of 2017 single with ‘Sunburn (Reimagined)’

Dutch duo DROELOE hit the ground running in early 2017 with a magnetic original, “Sunburn.” Now, three years later, the boys have brought back this hit with a distinctive emotional turn.

The re-envisioned song begins with its charming, chime-like build up, but even from the get-go, there is an ever-present sense of uplift. As the track progresses, Isabel Usher’s vocals mount with an explosively optimistic collision of synths.

Vincent Rooijers, one of the minds behind DROELOE, spoke on the the inception of the new rework, saying,

“Can I make something that’s on par and does not take away from the original? But then I realized that the whole point of doing this is to create a different point of view, therefore everything goes.”

While still wonderfully reminiscent of its original counterpart, the re-imagination of the duo’s classic hit brings with it a renewed—and much needed—sense of hope.

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