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DubVision submit more house preeminence on STMPD RCRDS with ‘Like This’

Label it recency bias, label it too early of a call to make, label it tunnel vision, but DubVision may have just closed the “track of the year” conversation, and it’s only September. The Dutch brothers have not taken a single second of 2020 to come up for air, incessantly delivering high caliber release on high caliber release through Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, including “Take My Mind,” “Into You” and a recent “Higher Groundredesign, to name just a few.

Following its grand unveiling at the back end of the label head’s Tomorrowland Around the World appearance, “Like This” has officially arrived as DubVision seem to only be scratching the surface of their newfound direction, tacking onto an exhaustive decade of progressive wins already on the books.

The extended mix is simply the lone listening option for “Like This,” clocking in at nearly four minutes as DubVision epitomize their recent house evolution by intertwining production essentials from years past with a present-day scheme, all while retaining their unsurpassed production rolodex. The heartsick vocals and virtuoso melody are faultless in their own right, but it’s DubVision’s break that would have single-handedly melted any venue’s sound system as “Like This” comes together to justify its heightened anticipation since July and solidify a worthy case for one of the year’s most laudable releases.

Listen to DubVision’s “Like This” below via STMPD RCRDS and judge for yourself.

Featured image: Ushuaïa Ibiza

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