Eli & Fur return to Anjunadeep with two-tracker, ‘Walk The Line / Big Tiger’Eli Fur 2020 Press

Eli & Fur return to Anjunadeep with two-tracker, ‘Walk The Line / Big Tiger’

Already having paved a formidable string of releases in 2020, Eli & Fur have dropped off two new singles, with still, more to come. With the latest release, the London-hailing duo make a triumphant return to their home, the acclaimed Anjunadeep imprint, as they execute a fresh approach to their coveted hypnotic roots.

The two-in-one release witnesses Eli & Fur don their expertly-curated deep house signature as they venture into moody, club-oriented territory. Opening track “Walk The Line” illuminates the pair’s vocal weapons, breaching dusky sensuality in its mold of spidery arpeggiators and escapist auras. Conceptually introspective, the single’s lyricism describes, “something or someone you can’t live with but can’t live without…being stuck in a cycle of trying to make something beautiful last.”

The following cut, “Big Tiger,” takes on intuitive learnings in its complex web of sonic elements—mellow harmonies, overlaying progressions, and stealthy stabs implanted in the production’s immense soundscape that ebb in-and-out of ever-culminating tension.

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