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Gareth Emery to host three-night run of drive-in shows

Gareth Emery‘s upbeat, hopeful sound is perhaps exactly what dance music fans need right now, and with the producer’s announcement of a three-night run of drive-in shows, they’ll be sure to get a good dose in. Emery will take over Anaheim’s Drive-In OC from September 18 – 20. Currently, the only tickets remaining are for September 20. Passes for the event start at $175 per vehicle

The announcement of Emery’s drive-in series comes in the wake of his latest album, THE LASERS. Marking a bit of a new direction for the artist, his latest LP takes a step back from collaborations and songwriters, featuring tracks that are all 100 percent Emery. Plans for a tour are in the works for 2021.

Tickets for Gareth Emery’s drive-in series are available here.

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