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Gem & Tauri share spellbinding debut EP, ‘All You Need’

Emma Montalvo and Courtney Simmons, known in music by their joint moniker, Gem & Tauri, are bringing something new to Seven LionsOphelia Records. Their new release “All You Need” is not only their debut EP, but also the first-ever true house release from Ophelia.

Though the four-track EP (which also includes two extended mixes) brings all the classic elements of house to the imprint, Gem & Tauri’s sound is certainly at home on Ophelia: dreamy and whimsical, but with more than a touch of upbeat, dance-worthy rhythm. Also paying homage to the tried-and-true trademarks of an Ophelia release, the EP features ethereal vocals from HALIENE and Fiora, who frequently grace releases from the label, most notably through collaborations on many of Seven Lions’ most celebrated tracks.

Prior to the release, Gem & Tauri had consistently been closely associated with the label not only through their high-profile opening acts at Ophelia showcases across the country, but also through their personal connection to label head Seven Lions. Gem & Tauri constituent, Emma Montalvo, is Seven Lions’ (Jeff Montalvo’s) wife.

With the release of “All You Need,” Gem & Tauri further solidify their place in the hearts of Seven Lions and Ophelia devotees near and far. Stream “All You Need” below, and catch Gem & Tauri’s live deep house Visions set on September 19. RSVP to the show here.

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