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Glass Animals prepare fans for livestream of a lifetime

In early August, Glass Animals dropped their third album Dreamland, creating an entire world for fans to escape into during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

While in-person live shows have taken a very painful hiatus, Glass Animals are committed to bringing their music and presence to the eyes and ears of listeners everywhere. “I’m really sad that we haven’t been able to bring you our normal live show for this album, but we’re going to do something special,” attests Animals frontman, Dave Bayley.

On October 15, the band will host a one-time event, “Live in the Internet,” during which they will create a virtual reverie of new songs, old songs, enticing prop-work, live chatting with their fans, interviewing special guests, and more, all with an overarching goal of being able to facilitate much-needed human interaction, even online.

Bayley elaborated on Live in the Internet, stating,

“I think there’s a way to pull some of that cleverness into a streamed music event. So, we’re going to try to do something with that in mind, instead of just performing live to a totally empty room.”

It’s unclear exactly what kinds of technical formats will be employed in this new take on livestreaming, but after more than seven very long months of virtual shows, the exploration of something novel and not yet seen is reason for excitement.

Featured image: Jazz Shademan

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