Hear CADE foray into ‘future R&B’ on ‘Kill Me Softly’IMG 4334

Hear CADE foray into ‘future R&B’ on ‘Kill Me Softly’

On the heels of the Dipha Barus-assisted “DOWN” comes “Kill Me Softly,” a slow-rolling number bolstered by 808s and R&B-channeling vocals supplied by CADE himself. The slinky, soulful single is CADE’s sophomore installment this calendar year, and a resume-building addition to his discography, which saw the greatest growth in 2019 thanks to a series of one-offs and his EP, WOLF BLUE.

Describing the impetus for the aesthetic shift audible on “Kill Me Softly,” CADE said,

“As an artist, I’ve always aspired to tap into 808-driven, soulfully-melodic music. ‘Kill Me Softly’ shows a glimpse of the direction I want to take my music in moving forward. ‘The Care’ EP was my first EP as an artist, but I still cherish it to this day for its blend of R&B melodies and futuristic, electronic-influenced production. My upcoming EP will have similar sonics to ‘The Care’ EP but with even more-futuristic production/elements. It will sound like 2021, and ‘Kill Me Softly’ feels like┬áthat┬áto me.”

A representation of CADE’s artistic curiosity and will to explore the dimensions of his own sound, “Kill Me Softly” is the product of CADE’s collaboration with Jutes, Miles Wesley, and Diamond Pistols. Heralded as a “future R&B” output by none other than CADE himself, “Kill Me Softly” can be streamed below.

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