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Illegal Norwegian cave rave leaves dozens with carbon monoxide poisoning

A “cave rave” in the Norwegian capital of Oslo has left at least 25 people hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning. The event, which was devised in the style of a pop-up nightclub and utilized a sound system powered by portable diesel generators, is reported to have been planned weeks in advance and hidden from local authorities.

The reported health issues arose due to a lack of ventilation at the venue, a factor that dropped oxygen levels in the air to as low as 16 percent. Of the 25 people hospitalized at the event, two were police officers who arrived on the scene to assist at-risk partygoers. Up to 200 people were present at the illicit rave, according to the Oslo Police Department.

Vidar Haukeland, the owner of the cave-bunker, describes the event as a “serious break-in,” adding that boards covering the entrance had to be removed for patrons to gain access.

Two individuals were arrested on August 31 and charged for illegally entering the bunker. Police investigation is ongoing to determine if their charges will be upgraded and whether additional arrests will be made.

Via: Aftenposten.en

Featured image: Jil Yngland

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