KAYTRANADA takes on ‘Don’t Start Now’ in official remixKAYTRANADA

KAYTRANADA takes on ‘Don’t Start Now’ in official remix

In a testament to Future Nostalgia‘s stature, the project’s steam hasn’t let up, even with a full album of edits—Club Future Nostalgia—in Dua Lipa and collaborators’ rearview. The proof is in KAYTRANADA‘s official remix of the LP’s flagship single, “Don’t Start Now.” Following Yaeji‘s Club Future Nostalgia-hosted rework of the same song, KAYTRANADA’s flip arrives as a chilled-out conversion of the retro-outfitted pop original.

The BUBBA producer allows “Don’t Start Now” to shed its commercial bones, plunging it into a deep house aesthetic that stands apart from Lipa’s version while maintaining the sense of presence that it initially brought to the table following its October 2019 debut. KAYTRANADA’s revamp is now pervading streaming platforms, a welcome surprise follow-up to his recent release of the BUBBA instrumentals. Stream the KAYTRANADA remix below.

Featured image: Hannah Sider

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