Layton Giordani releases second Drumcode LP, ‘New Generation’Layton Tank 2017 Pic2

Layton Giordani releases second Drumcode LP, ‘New Generation’

Longtime Drumcode artist and burgeoning producer Layton Giordani has returned with his second full length LP on the label, New Generation. His sophomore album follows 2017’s Where it Begins, also released via Adam Beyer‘s imprint.

New Generation highlights Giordani’s techno mastery, versatility, and creativity. Giordani flexes his comfort with classic driving techno styles across the LP, notably on “Midnight Magic” with Bart Skils and “Power” with Avision and Calvin Fisher. Meanwhile, “Memory Fragment’s” ominous yet chilled out tone and “Translation Lost’s” breakbeat foundation keep listeners on their toes throughout the record. Giordani described the inspirations behind his latest work:

“This album is a summary of my life experiences up until this moment. Traveling around the world, living abroad, looking into the future and bringing atmosphere and textures from different places into my music. The evolution of music is a systematic cycle that never ends. It’s a composition of all matters experienced and visualized up until this very moment. From futuristic realms and ambiences, to city soundscapes within our reach; ‘New Generation’ is the future distilled into album form.”

New Generation also features “Life Lessons,” Green Velvet and Giordani’s follow-up to their 2018 hit collaborative EP with Adam Beyer, “Space Date.” The newest LP is immediately preceded on Drumcode by Rebūke‘s return to the label with his Obscurity EP, and by Adam Beyer’s first solo EP in five years, No Defeat No Retreat.

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