Lido releases fourth ‘PEDER’ single, ‘Layaway’Lido Outstanding Single

Lido releases fourth ‘PEDER’ single, ‘Layaway’

Just two weeks from the release of his third studio record, PEDER, Lido has released the fourth single from the upcoming LP. “Layaway” clearly shows off Lido’s diverse production skills, melding together a warm, fuzzy chord progression with a string breakdown, heavy 808s, and quintessential Lido vocals. How “Layaway’s” theme of change on the horizon fits into the larger story of PEDER is yet to seen, but we know the track is slotted just before the record’s midpoint according to the tracklist that Lido previously shared to socials.

Prior, Lido said that PEDER, set for release on September 18, will tell the story of a boy child who grows up on a spaceship. In the time since the album’s announcement, Lido has shared three futuristic visualizers for singles “Rise,” “How to Do Nothing,” and “Postclubridehomemusic,” and will soon release A Boy on A Spaceship, a children’s book authored by Lido to accompany the record. All of the aforementioned PEDER activity is flanked by Lido’s 23-minute long mix, available only on his radio-themed website.

PEDER isn’t the only album that Lido has been working on; the Norweigan producer recently picked up a couple production credits on Aluna’s debut solo album Renaissance, released at the end of August.

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