LUVRS bring ‘Roses’ to serenade the electro-soul grooverLuvrs Session3488

LUVRS bring ‘Roses’ to serenade the electro-soul groover

The Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist live duo, LUVRS, shared another electro-soul steamer, “Roses,” through Crosswalk Records. JAFÉ’s voice bounces along a funky guitar riff towards a harmonious vocal build that leads to a snake-charming melody that hits atop a walking bass line and fluttering ad libs.

In a statement, the duo said,

“‘Roses’ is about a gaslit romance. The toxic thrill of being emotionally abused and manipulated and not knowing how to break the cycle.”

The dynamic duo previously released “Alien,” an ode to soul legend, Gil Scott Heron, a funk house single by the name of “Wanna Know,” and its debut offering,”Lady.” The music video for the latter showcases a one-take performance of the production pair building the song from scratch using instruments to record and layer loops.

The suave, Brooklyn-based duo is made up of JAFÉ and DeModa, who worked together as solo artists on their collaboration, “Her(e).” With JAFÉ’s soul vocals and instrumentation, and DeModa’s swinging indie-electro allure, the artists are bringing a style to the electronic space that carries a soulful weight with infectious melodies and modern production.

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