Major Lazer launch Umami Burger collaboration for ‘Oh My Gawd’Diplo Umami Collaboration Press Photo

Major Lazer launch Umami Burger collaboration for ‘Oh My Gawd’

In celebration of their new dancehall collaboration, “Oh My Gawd,” Major Lazer has joined forces with Umami Burger on a tastebud-friendly campaign. Simultaneously promoting the single and driving donations to national nonprofit, Big Green, the partnership offers fans a limited edition run of Major Lazer family-style meals and a special artist bandana. Each combo box sold will go towards $1 contribution to Big Green and help connect youth to food and wellness initiatives.

Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Ape Drums linked with Umami Burger’s Chief Culinary Officer, Martin Heierling, for the exclusive menu. The collaboration has two options: “Oh My Gawd” which features Major Lazer’s special Jerk Burger and Jerk Impossible Burger, as well as the no meat, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” Following artists like Travis Scott who’ve creatively maneuvered campaigns with McDonalds, Major Lazer is the latest act to tap into the virtual-dining space, joining Jaden Smith, Cindy Crawford, and more in diversifying their ventures. Diplo echoed the sentiment, stating, “without touring, we’ve had to find new ways to connect with fans and share our music with them.”

Participating cities include Los Angeles, Oakland, and Chicago. The Major Lazer combo box is available exclusively through DoorDash through September 30. Order here.

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