Naderi taps Reo Cragun for evocative R&B cut, ‘Stardust’NADERI PRESS PIC 2

Naderi taps Reo Cragun for evocative R&B cut, ‘Stardust’

Ahead of his highly-anticipated debut album, Naderi has unveiled the second single from the forthcoming project. Titled “Stardust,” the electronic hybrid production recruits alternative artist Reo Cragun for a futuristic heater. Delving into a new era of artistry, the Australian melodic bass innovator moves into a sonic style, “where the future and the past meet, where the music has no genre, where it feels nostalgic.”

Crafting a blend of R&B and electronic, the track curates a trap-inspired beat immersed in 808s and drum lines as Cragun croons lovestruck verses. Tinged with atmospheric synths and cosmic-derived filters, “Stardust” molds hip-hop delivery into sensual dance-pop appeal.

“When Reo and I wrote this song, I was on the other side of the planet far away from my girl and I was missing her so badly that it was bringing me down. I wanted Stardust to capture the passion and intensity of when you love, to the point you can feel it in your bones,” states Naderi.

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