Nicky Romero and Sick Individuals deliver XIRA feature, ‘Only For You’Nicky Romero Sick Individuals

Nicky Romero and Sick Individuals deliver XIRA feature, ‘Only For You’

Nicky Romero has teamed up Dutch duo Sick Individuals for a progressive new track, “Only For You,” featuring vocals by XIRA. The artists have released an extended mix with the original version of the song, with both versions seamlessly uniting on the subject of feel-good soundscapes.

“Only For You” starts with a melodic piano backdrop and XIRA’s ethereal vocals in a very serene opening. The listener is captivated until a heavy drop overtakes the calming introduction with a catchy progressive break that blends the most energetic elements of Sick Individuals and Romero’s production styles. The extended mix version of the single is three minutes longer with additional electronic layers threaded in and out of the vocals, ultimately adding a more big room feel to the single.

“Only For You” comes just two weeks after Romero’s surprise three-track EP release to mark the launch of his new alias, Monocule. “Only For You” is out now via Romero’s own Protocol Recordings.

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