Must-listen: Nicky Romero releases debut EP as MonoculeNicky Romero Press Shot

Must-listen: Nicky Romero releases debut EP as Monocule

Nicky Romero has been a mainstay for progressive house music fans over the years. Whether through feel-good crossover collaborations or pulsing club hits, the producer knows how to get a party started. This hasn’t changed, and it’s not about to anytime soon, especially as Romero mints a new moniker, “Monocule.” Romero announced his new alias and detailed his decision to produce under this project in a YouTube video published on September 2. Now, Romero has released his debut EP as Monocule.

The EP is led by “Time To Save,” a collaboration with Dutch producer, Tim van Werd, that features Mosimann. The single fuses an orchestral backdrop with a punching build that falls into a dark break. As on Romero’s standard releases, “Time To Save” takes on a heavier atmosphere at the break, affording the record the capacity to appeal to his core audience while allowing him to branch out to a more underground crowd. The opening number is followed by two formidable tracklist inclusions, “Close To Me” and “Waiting For You.”

Romero spoke about the alias and single in a press release, stating,

“‘Monocule’ is a brand new alias of mine, which lets me express my never-ending love for deeper classic progressive house vibes. During these uncertain times, it feels really good to lock myself up in the studios and work with a different spectrum of sounds.”

Monocule (Volume 1) is out now via Romero’s own Protocol Recordings.

Featured image: Darryl Adelaar

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