Pegboard Nerds drop two diverse new singles with More PlasticPegboard Nerds E1600995146835

Pegboard Nerds drop two diverse new singles with More Plastic

Pegboard Nerds and More Plastic have teamed up to release two new singles, “Manifest” and “Together,” via Monstercat. Although both one-offs were unveiled at the same time, the two couldn’t be more different in terms of their composition.

“Manifest” begins with an eerie crawl into a fast-paced beat that builds up to a wonky, alien-like dubstep breaks that contorts—surprisingly—into happy hardcore. The song is a whirlwind from start to finish, marking a successful switch-up from Pegboard’s usual arcade-centric sound.

“Together” makes its own distinct impression, one that stands in heavy contrast with “Manifest’s.” The track takes off with an acoustic guitar progression that is quickly followed by dream-like vocals. As the beat progresses, the vocals become choppy and high-pitched, hurling the listener back into a glorious sonic wave reminiscent of 2016 electronic classics. This new release is a thrilling recall of Pegboard’s customary chip-tune master and emotionally evocative lyricism.

Stream the two tracks, which showcase Pegboard Nerds’ versatility and firm grip on a wide range of genres, palates, and sounds, below.

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