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SLANDER and Moody Good’s ‘Heart Break’ receives 10 gargantuan remixes

Two of bass music’s most prominent acts, SLANDER and Moody Good set the scene on fire with 2019’s enormous collaboration with Karra, “Heart Break.” Played at nearly every festival since, the heavy bass cut continues to permeate dubstep sets with the addition of 10 fresh remixes from industry veterans and promising up-and-coming artists alike. From the relentless, bone-crushing power of Trampa‘s remix to the bright, trap-influenced take from Moore Kismet, this collection offers something for everyone.

Heart Break (Remixes) sees Oddprophet, Syzy, Trampa, Moore Kismet, Akeos, Neonix, Hukae, Aweminus, Oolacile, Leotrix, and Ivory add their unique, bass-heavy flare to SLANDER and Moody Good’s original. Kismet’s mind-bending trap take is a standout performance on the collection. Another noteworthy edition comes from “future riddim” enthusiast and Halcyon label head, Oolacile, whose wildly innovative future riddim remix will leave fans’ jaws on the floor. Stream the full collection below.

Featured image: Emp Media

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