Stream Leo Tebele’s breakout single, ‘Summer Boy’Leo Tebele

Stream Leo Tebele’s breakout single, ‘Summer Boy’

Leo Tebele’s breakout outing is a sonic step taken in pace with Aishah Silva, who vocally invigorates the sauntering debut single from the Tebele camp. An introduction-making one-off conceptually centered around the experience of a summer love that fades with both the sunburn and tan lines, “Summer Boy” flouts the calendar’s inevitable transition from September to October to instead drop a musical pin in a now-past period in time. Embodying the warmth of that multi-month span in its overall composition, Tebele’s “Summer Boy” keeps the season evergreen through its sonics.

Speaking on the narratively-driven number, Tebele said,

“It’s a song for everyone who’s ever fallen for someone else over the course of summer vacation, only to be torn apart, back to reality and separate lives, [but] the memories and the love live on, with the hope to maybe reunite.”

The first offering from the New York native, who to date has cultivated his electronic chops through genre-roving open-format DJing, precedes more releases to later be logged under the 2020 umbrella. Stream “Summer Boy” below, and sit tight for ensuing samples of Tebele’s progressing sound.

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