Super Duper release ‘We Had Everything / Pasadena’ from forthcoming LP, ‘HALLELUJAH!’SD 19 A

Super Duper release ‘We Had Everything / Pasadena’ from forthcoming LP, ‘HALLELUJAH!’

Super Duper has released a two-track taste of his talent titled “We Had Everything / Pasadena” in anticipation of his debut, 20-track LP, HALLELUJAH!, due this fall through FADER.

“We Had Everything” is a euphoric piece of melodic bliss that features dissident verse vocals from Lonas and an anthemic hook from Bre Kennedy. “Pasadena” offers a running percussion through a hip-hop bounce and passer-by melodies for a unique arrangement cut.

Super Duper explained in a press release,

“’We Had Everything’ is a special song that evolved quite a bit from the demo. It was originally a laidback dance song with just a female vocal. I always loved the chorus, but felt like it could use some more upbeat production. I reworked it and asked a few other singers to join the song. So now it goes from Lonas singing to a gang vocal to Bre Kennedy on the chorus. It’s a little bit of a mixed bag but just works! The talking on the chorus is actually audio from behind the scenes footage while we were working on the song, which felt like a nice cherry on top.

‘Pasadena’ is actually named after the city it was created in. I went on a trip with two other amazing producers, Robert Marvin and Ian Keaggy. We rented an Airbnb for a week and just worked on whatever music we wanted. No rules or goals. ‘Pasadena’ came from that week.”

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