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Tise Jones asserts his electronic capabilities on ‘Lonely’

Tise Jones bursts out of his sonic comfort zone on “Lonely,” the second single to come out of the Jones camp, and notably, the first to feature his own vocals. “I feel so much more vulnerable releasing a song with my voice as opposed to putting out a club track, it’s so much more personal,” Jones reflected. Despite the daunting nature of involving one’s own vocals, if “Lonely” is anything, it’s a full exposition of Jones’ creative capacities, from sung capabilities to production.

A far cry from familiar sounds in the electronic circuit, “Lonely” offers a fresh take on the dance-pop crossover, with the buoyant bounce of synth melodies that, coupled with the sophomore single’s other constructive elements, confer an inviting aura to the number.

A release that provides directions to the “replay” button with just one stream, “Lonely” is another notch in Jones’ budding career, building on his official remix of What So Not & Diablo‘s “OOGAHDAM!” and his debut single, April’s “Fun Club.”

Stream “Lonely” below.

Featured image: Jordan Munns

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